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Who am I?

Hi. My name is Julio Flores Schwarzbeck, I am a Mexican national living in the USA for more than 12 years. I am Currently employed working as a Software Engineer and Application Developer at an important financial firm located in Vancouver WA and San Mateo, CA; and live in the small but charming town of Camas, WA.
I specialize in writing Python back-end (server) applications and front-end applications mainly using web2py and the Zope web application frameworks.
Before I turned into another IT drone in Corporate America I worked extensively developing open source applications and remotely worked for many years (9) for several firms, taking special consideration in always attending their deadlines, something I consider a key point in order to maintain excellent business relationships when telecommuting. Needless to say, I still contact my former employers and I can proudly say that some of them are very good friends, even to this day.
I also have worked in C# application development, building mostly middle-tier custom (back-end) components under Windows, and "converting" python core components into C#, why you ask? - sadly, it is the nature of the job, and some folks just don't get that changing an application frameworks just for the hype and sake of the new programming language is not necessary the best approach, but as always, politics apply..
I am an Industrial and Systems Engineer, with a BS in Manufacturing and Systems Engineering from my alma mater: Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora Located in Sonora México.
I have been a hardcore Linux fan, using it since the RedHat 4/5 era until 2006. In that year, I was "introduced" to the Apple/Mac Platform by my good friend Julio (Tacuache) and have been alternating OSes constantly, my entire family is Mac-Based which means that we do nt have to spend $ in "licenses", "antvirus", "anti-malware" and all that nonsense.
Currently, I do most of my personal development in my small, but fast 11" MacBook Air SSD, using OS X for most of my developer needs while keeping a copy of Fedora 16 in a virtual Machine for running several services more easily, my source code editors of choice are Komodo Edit and Wing IDE, and use mercurial for most of my versioning needs. I use Python because I honestly think it is one of the best programming languages available and fits in for many different type of scenarios.
Among the projects that I've worked on that have a somewhat significant visibility are:
  • NetAID.org [Developer's Team Member] - U.N. Sponsored Project
  • pyforum.org [Author] - (hopefully) soon-to-be web2py's "official" message board system
  • QA-Stack.com [Author] - Q&A website (the open source counterpart of Stack Overflow ;)
  • AIA Actor's Studio [Author] - Intranet and Website for Movie Casting in Burbank, CA
  • I-Track.org [Author] - An open source Bug/Issue tracking system coded in Python/web2py.
If you are still awake, you may view my Resume by clicking on this link (will open a new window) from there you will be able to download the .pdf version. Thanks.


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