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By: Richard (SysAdmin), Created 7 years ago, Updated 6 years ago.
Glad to see this project is active - just noticed the repository on bitbucket.

A few things I came across:

Can upvote own questions / answers / comments
And can upvote same post multiple times
(Is this because I am an admin?)

When submit an answer the answer is still in text area box at bottom

Have to always preview answer before posting - prefer to be able to post immediately and edit later if problems.

Question was: "Created 12 minutes ago, Updated 12 minutes ago."
Perhaps only display updated part if has been edited since creation.
Not enough credits to upvote Not enough Credits to downvote By: Speedbird (SysAdmin), Updated 7 years ago, Votes: 0
Sample Comment, sorry will get deleted soon

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By: adri (Member), 6 years ago
for i in range (1, 1000):

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By: Speedbird (SysAdmin), 7 years ago
H Richard,

Indeed, SysAdmins can up/down vote without restrictions

After submitting an answer, the answer remains in the response textarea..

Created I-Track Ticket (

For your last request, can you submit a ticket in i-track??


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By: otinanai90 (Member), 7 years ago
since there is a bitbucket, perhaps it would be better to open an issue there :)

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