I want to use this app for my own Q and A site. How do I go about doing that?

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By: spencer.kline (Member), Created 8 years ago, Updated 7 years ago.
I have vertical Q and A site that I want to start. This app seems like it would be a great framework to work within. How would I got about doing that?

(Note: I have very limited computer science experience)

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By: Richard (SysAdmin), 7 years ago
Code is available on bitbucket:

Then copy it to web2py applications directory as usual, and it works.

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By: stephen.leung (Member), 7 years ago
1. you gonna need learn how to deploy a web2py application. (http://www.web2py.org/)
2. download the qa-stack source code at https://bitbucket.org/speedbird/qastack
3. if you have any problem when you play around this, you can ask people here :)

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By: kasapo (Member), 7 years ago
It looks like the application is currently in beta.

You might want to wait for a stable release to show up on web2py.com somewhere.

Otherwise, if you jump on the web2py google groups page ( groups.google.com/group/web2py ) and search for qa-stack, you can find the author (Julio) and get his email address from the google group.

Here's a shortcut:
http://groups.google.com/group/web2py/browse_frm/thread/7b8d7215a648ff35/fb744b28eb62b08d?lnk=gst &q =qa+stack#fb744b28eb62b08d

I think you'll need a google account to access it.

Anyway, I imagine julio would give you a .w2p file, which is basically a zipped up version of the web2py application, or a link to his publicly accessible repository or perhaps just a tarball


1) Email Julio and ask him if his beta code is available for download
2) Grab web2py from web2py.com and follow the installation instructions (you don't have to bother with running over wsgi or embedded mode if you just want to play around)
3) Unzip, detar, or (in the case of a w2p file) use the admin interface of web2py to install the applications
4) Profit!

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