How is this site going so far?

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By: ecaichen (Member), Created 8 years ago, Updated 7 years ago.
This sites looks great!
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Glad you like it, there is more to come, for the most part many of the "core" features are already in place, there are a few administrative options that I still need to add and some UI changes, will work on them for the next 2 weeks or so :)

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By: kasapo (Member), 7 years ago
+1 for awesomeness

I just noticed though that under unanswered a few answered questions are showing.
EDIT: Maybe because the answers haven't been accepted? So nevermind that.

Also, what would be cool is if any URLs were automagically linked when posts were submitted. I think this happens in stackoverflow and I know plugin_wiki for web2py does it.

Anyway, looks and feels awesome.

I likes :)

Just curious, is this app still being updated or coming out of beta soon?

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