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QA-Stack is a dynamic web application created using the python programming language under the web2py framework.

QA-Stack aims to provide an easy-to-use, simple and elegant questions and answers (Q&A) application for the Open Source community. It was originally aimed to be a Q&A application solely for python questions and projects, but it evolved into a more general-purpose Q&A application.

QA-Stack is released as Open Source under the Simplified BSD license (Included in this software package). You are free to download, copy and modify the source code, providing that you keep mentions of the author within the code. Happy hacking.

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Welcome to QA-Stack.com - QA-Stack is a Q&A open source web application written in the best programming language in the galaxy: Python and using the best web framework in the solar system: web2py, be sure to check forum.qa-stack.com for discussions about this site. Have a great stay.

QA-Stack source code is available thanks to the cool folks at bitbucket.org, browse the source, or follow updates to this projects by visiting the qa-stack page at https://bitbucket.org/speedbird/qastack.


Documentation for QA-Stack can be found at the QA-Stack Google Docs Page.


Submit your bugs in i-track, another web application made by the same author (we eat our own dog food): View currently submitted bugs on i-track.

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