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Don't Leave the Privacy Threat to your Cell Phone
By: user_327
Rank: Starfleet Ensign
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From: Unknown
Posted: Mon, 23 January, 2017 - 08:35 AM

Technology with each passing day, has its own advantages and disadvantages. People have a lot of technology around them. Android smartphones and the iPhone is the next generation of technological innovation. They themselves loaded huge technical inventions, which made individuals dependent on them.

A variety of technical experts in the field of technology are able to understand and distinguish the pros and cons of the technical features of various smartphones. Somehow, they can recognize the main of these smartphones. These smartphones install so many pioneering applications that pose a threat to the privacy of smartphones and iPhones.Cell phone jammer now become a tool to protect people's privacy today,although it's illegal.

The biggest question is - how do proprietary applications or software harm the privacy of smartphones?

People like to use new and innovative applications that do not know the fact that a variety of unwanted malware and viruses also attack your access to the application. People who do not know the technology do not know the threat associated with it.

There are some dangerous intentions of misuse of technology in this world. They create applications that can take your personal data out of your smartphone without your knowledge. Each time you install a new social application, you are asked to allow the application to use the data. You also do not have to think about it, by clicking OK to grant the application data access rights. As long as you press OK, your entire profile is forwarded to hackers who can abuse them.
In recent years, a variety of such hackers have been reported. According to a report, one such hacker attack has been no one imagined smart phones and iPhone caused great harm. There is a site called, which provides users with snapchat functionality. People are an app freak that combines snapchat with various third unknown parties. This snapchat safely stores the pictures of the users on the desktop, but once people upload their photos, it gets hacked. Millions of people upload their photos, they are in the hands of some corrupt hackers.
So this is a humble request for every smartphone and iPhone user, always knowing what you're doing with your phone. The privacy of your phone is in your own hands. Do not trust any unknown application, just see its benefits. Technology may be more dangerous in a longer time,resulting in increased destruction of your smartphone and iPhone.And some GSM jammers are available online because of it.

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