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Add Slide Notes & Images as Logos in MS PowerPoint Presentations
By: user_238
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From: Unknown
Posted: Mon, 20 May, 2013 - 06:04 PM

The long awaited release of Aspose.Slides for Reporting Services 4.8.0 is out now. In this new release Aspose have introduced support for third-party customization. Now, you can add slide notes and even add custom images as logos for generated presentations. For more details about this feature, please read about customized rendering. Aspose have also addressed some table rendering issues in this new release. This release includes plenty of new and improved features as listed below:

• Allow third-party customization of rendering results
• Images inside table cells are improperly rendered is now fixed
• Border object created around slide when multiple objects are placed in a List
• Cell's height is greater than defined in report definition is fixed
• Borders exported with different line width is resolved
• Images missing is fixed when exporting to PPT/PPTX presentation
• export to PPTX issues are resolved
• Setting CanGrow property to False now affect the exported table
• The dotted border line overlapping by image in table cell is fixed
• Bullets missing in rendered presentation is fixed
• Tablix border lines visibility for table cells is fixed
• Top and bottom margins are different from what is defined in the report is fixed
• The bullets rendering with left-aligned text is resolved
• Chart borders are drawn as separate rectangles around the chart area is now fixed
• Exporting to PowerPoint 97-2003 format displays white borders around each is resolved in this release.

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