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Saaspose Newsletter for March 2013 Edition is Out Now!
By: Saaspose
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Posted: Mon, 04 March, 2013 - 08:04 PM

Saaspose Newsletter for March 2013 has now been published that highlights all newly added information, exciting new features & informative blogs about Saaspose APIs & SDKs. This month Saaspose.Words, Saaspose.Pdf & Saaspose.OCR have introduced new features for extracting text from images,protecting and unprotecting documents, convert presentations & manipulate MS Word documents,manipulate PDF Files in PHP,convert PDF files and manipulate presentations & many more.

Tip of the Month: Use Saaspose.SDK Demo Application for Android

Saaspose has published a demo application for Android SDK. The sample project allows you to test Saaspose SDK in your Android applications quickly and easily. You can integrate this demo application in your applications and enjoy a whole new experience of document manipulation on your Android devices. This demo is composed of the features commonly used by other sections of the SDK and the features to work with Saaspose storage. Using Saaspose APIs, you can extract text from documents, calculate formula in worksheets, convert PDF to images, extract images and slides from presentations and perform many such operations on the documents in your Android applications. This adds great benefit for the Android developers as our SDKs enable them achieve the desired results through simple and efficient steps in no time. Stay tuned to our blog and newsletter for latest updates on Android SDKs and the release announcements. Click here to view more:

Best of Saaspose API Blogs

Stay tuned with the recent updates, features and announcements of Saaspose APIs through Saaspose Blog.

1. Extract text from images using Saaspose.OCR REST examples in PHP:
2. Protect and Unprotect Documents Using Saaspose.Words REST Examples in PHP:
3. Convert presentations and manipulate MS Word documents using Saaspose REST APIs:
4. Manipulate PDF Files Using Saaspose.Pdf SDK Examples in PHP:
5. Convert PDF files and manipulate presentations using Saaspose REST APIs:

Latest From the Documentation

During the month of February 2013, we have added many examples for various features of Saaspose file format APIs in our documentation. These examples have been added in Saaspose.Words, Saapose.Cells, Saaspose.OCR and Saaspose.Pdf. You can utilize these examples in PHP to incorporate features in your applications such as protect documents, get document properties, get image count, create PDFs from HTML templates etc. You may view a complete list of examples for each API in the following announcement posts:

- Saaspose.OCR REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During The Month Of February 2013:

- Saaspose.Pdf REST API Documentation Changes Introduced During The Month Of February 2013:

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