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emoticon quote replies
By: richard
Rank: Starfleet Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Postings: 32
From: Australia
Posted: Thu, 23 April, 2009 - 09:36 PM

When replying if I quote a message with an emoticon the emoticon is not rendered.
This is because the emoticon symbol (eg ": cool :") has been converted to an IMG tag in the quote, which is then stripped out by parse_content() when rendered.

I also noticed that parse_content() supports [ img ] and [ url ] markup but this is not shown in the interface.
By: speedbird_admin
Rank: Starfleet Lieutenant
Postings: 79
From: Camas, Washington
Posted: Thu, 23 April, 2009 - 11:29 PM

Correct, I've been keeping these "features" a little bit in the "hidden" side since I still have not found a way to deal properly with them, for example, once ": cool :" has been converted to cool it turns into an "invalid" html that should be parsed out, what I need to do is find a way to "reverse" and reconvert them for preview in the reply function.

What I will end up doing is to reconvert only those emoticons that the system understands, but then we find the issue with auto-generated images and urls, for example:

[ url ][ /url ] will turn into
[ img ][ /img ] will turn into

However, when converted to HTML the system does not know anymore that they were pyforum-generated (this is mostly JS, or client side), I am still looking for an "elegant" and not-hacky way of dealing with this..

There is also suport for [ b ]Bold[ /b ], [ i ]Italic[ /i ] and [ u ]underline[ /u ] (Which I should remove but what the heck)..

Thanks for the comments richard, you're th first member that has taken a look at the actual code (and talked about it), all comments are appreciated..


-- sb
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