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Welcome to pyForum
By: speedbird_admin
Rank: Starfleet Lieutenant
Postings: 79
From: Camas, Washington
Posted: Fri, 10 April, 2009 - 04:07 PM

pyForum is a 100% python-based message board system based in the excellent web2py url: framework, among the *features* of pyForum are:

arrow Internationalization ready - Every string is T('') encapsulated, all you need is provide your own language dictionary

arrow Complete security control of views, forum administrators can set who can view, add or even reply to certain topics.

arrow Administrative controls, manage Categories, forums, topics, users, inappropriate topics, messages, and many more..

arrow User options, users can set their own *properties* (name, webpage, etc), upload their own avatar images, topic and forum subscriptions and many more options.

arrow Topic helpers and security: topic addition and response is controlled by python's sgmlparser, block anything you like, such as javascript etc. Also you may include html code and *emoticons*: biggrinconfusedcooltwisted, etc..

arrow Code: Express your code:

def index():
print "Hello World"
return True

arrow Topic Previews

.. And much more .. cool
By: fangzheng_Wang
Rank: Starfleet Ensign
Postings: 1
Posted: Tue, 07 December, 2010 - 02:24 AM

good biggrin
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