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Is the doll only for single men?
By: karendoll
Rank: Starfleet Ensign
Postings: 2
From: China
Posted: Mon, 27 May, 2019 - 08:13 AM

As it is said in the world, dolls tend to be preceded by the image that they are "only for single men and some mania", but that is not the case.

Among the customers, married people, as well as couples who do not have children, as a display (mannequin) of the shop, a woman who enjoys cosplay as a person, who decorates at home as an object, outdoor for crime prevention In order to put it so that it can be seen from, it is used in various applications.

Usage example

To prevent cheating

The longer you stay with your partner, the less life you spend at night. At that time, it seems that there are many people who feel unsatisfied and get flirt.
However, cheating is high risk low return. There is no one loss because there is one hundred harms such as family collapse, adverse effects on children. The doll solves such unfulfilled feelings.
In addition, because the wife is pregnant, more and more people are purchasing to care for the wife and children.

To maintain strength and maintain energy

Since men instinctively need to keep their sperm fresh at all times, they have to put out old semen by masturbation on a regular basis. Also, if you don't use your body and genitals, you will get worse.
Sex is a very enjoyable exercise that uses the muscles and cardio function of the whole body.

For sex practice

When you first experience, because the way you move your body is completely different from your usual masturbation, there is no embarrassing memory that your movement has become unnatural and you have been laughed at by your partner? If you are a doll, you can practice sex slowly at your own pace.
Also, of course, if you have no experience with a real woman, some customers are practicing with dolls in order to satisfy their wife and girlfriend more than ever. Saving money

If you go to customs, one to twenty-four thousand yen will disappear. Besides, I'm not necessarily a pretty girl or a great service.
All dolls handled in our shop can experience celebrities and super model face, body shape and softness of human skin. There are a lot of customers who are pleased that it was a very cheap shopping given that they kept going to the customs.

As an eye-catching ad

The beautiful figure and face attract people's eyes as they look unconsciously. “We have received a lot of delight from the owner of a certain store, saying,“ It's because you decorate the store and the number of customers coming in ”. We change clothes by season and play an active part as advertisement tower of shop.

For the peace of life

When I get home, when I get up in the morning, when I go to bed, when I spend time slowly in the room, the doll always cuddles together.
She is very obedient and will never betray you, “it is your only existence”.
Such a life will give you peace and at the same time the filled feelings will make the people around you happy as well.

As a camera subject (model)

We accept orders from photographers, not only professionals and amateurs, as photographic subjects (models).
"I have taken family and friends as exercise models until now, but if you are a partner, you can always practice at your favorite time, and I am happy."
The wig's free up to 5 points also seems to have a good reputation as the atmosphere of the model can be changed.
Processing technology of the photograph has advanced and it is "the time when it can be corrected after taking a picture", but still the photograph is a one shot match. It is a hat for everyone's daily effort.

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