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Brexit: UK 'to keep more of its fish', Michael Gove says
By: user_380
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From: Unknown
Posted: Wed, 04 July, 2018 - 12:00 PM

The fishing industry will get a larger share of domestic catch after Brexit once the UK "decides access" to its own waters, Michael Gove has insisted.

The environment secretary said the UK would be in the "driving seat" in quota negotiations once the UK leaves the EU's Common Fisheries Policy but would not commit to a specific figure.

At the moment, quotas are assigned to each country, with limits on species.

UK fishing groups are pressing to keep more than 80% of domestic catch.

The Scottish government said it had not been properly consulted about the UK's proposals for fishing after Brexit, unveiled on Wednesday, and had "significant concerns" about them.

The UK says it gets a bad deal under current arrangements. In 2014, half of UK fish production was exported to the EU, a quarter to outside the EU and a quarter was consumed domestically.

Fishermen protest over post-Brexit deal
What kind of Brexit do voters want?
There were protests earlier this year when it was revealed that the UK would continue to be bound by the Common Fisheries Policy during the post-Brexit transition period which is due to run until the end of 2020.

Now, ministers are publishing a White Paper setting out their vision for the UK as an "independent coastal state" from 2021 onwards.

It will be followed by a Fisheries Bill which will include the ability to set quotas.

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