.. Yes, blogs still do exist ..
Yes, blogs still do exist
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I am not too old, am I?

I've been blogging for sooo long that I've forgotten the essence of it. Blogging is like coding, or painting, it is an expression of one self that no amount of social media can provide.

What I miss about real blogging is the reality of it, if you want to visit my blog, you will do it without some robot telling you to visit me, you will not receive a notification that my birthday is coming up, you will read it from me (if I post it).

Yes I do social, but since I hate ads and other annoyances inherent to it, I only use to cater to certain group of people that know nothing except FB, and that is not bad, it is just the way it is.

I am not interested in having my posts "liked" or "shared", but I am interested in you reading them and telling me your take on them. I have a lot of material to add, that it will take me a couple of weeks to post all these here.. But be patient, i just wrote this application and it does not come without its warts, for example, I forgot to add a module to create posts, can you believe that?. Now I had to create an "empty" post directly into the database and then edit it with my blog tools..

Will be in touch.