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Ticket Title Type Status Component Version Assigned To Modified (m/d/y) Due Date (m/d/y)
21 Duplicate tags showing Problem/Bug New Administration 1.0.0 Unassigned 04/03/2012  
20 When an answer is submitted, though is is added, remains in the textbox (confusing) Problem/Bug Assigned Answers 1.0.0 System Administrator 03/12/2012 03/31/2012
19 Headers in View Tickets/Search Clunky Enhancement New UI - General 0.9.x Unassigned 03/02/2012 03/30/2012
18 Display the Project Name in the standard 'View Tickets' Page Enhancement New UI - General 0.9.x Unassigned 01/20/2012  
17 Adding a new topic on a newly created forum instance gives error Problem/Bug Assigned Create/Update Topics 1.1.1 Speedbird 01/20/2012 01/31/2012
16 Handle invalid topics more gracefully Enhancement Assigned General 1.1.1 Speedbird 01/20/2012 01/31/2012
15 RSS Feed Enhancement New Administration 0.9.x Unassigned 12/09/2011  
14 XML-RPC API Enhancement New Other 0.9.x Unassigned 12/09/2011  
7 Due Date automatically set Issue Could Not Reproduce Creating Tickets 0.9.x Speedbird 12/08/2011 12/30/2011